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I was scouring the internet looking for a freely available “Password Strength Meter” script. You’ve probably all come across them. The vast majority are useless. They’re useless because they use mainly empirical methods to determine the strength of a password. Whilst empirical methods may provide a good estimate for the strength of a password subject to a brute force attack. Most don’t even consider dictionary or hybrid-dictionary attack mechanisms. So… I decided to make my own.

Sortable Widgets is a plugin for Woardpress. When activated, this simple plugin allows visitors to change the order of those widgets displayed in your blog’s sidebar. As this plugin has a number of configurable options, you should be able to use Sortable Widgets with almost any Wordpress theme. Furthermore, each visitor’s preferences are remembered through the use of a single cookie.

Sadly, I’m not a graphics designer. However, I do like to play around with Adobe Photoshop now and again (don’t we all?). Everyone loves free stuff: So, here are 4 totally “free” icons for you to enjoy.

Here is a set of 4 very basic ecommerce oriented icons that I created some time ago. Did I mention that they are completely free? Use them in your personal or commercial projects.