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I recently stumbled upon Dragon Interactive ( It’s a pretty well designed site. However, the pièce de résistance is their rather cool animated menu. Now… had this been designed in Adobe Flash, I wouldn’t had paid much attention. A closer inspection revealed that the menu is plain XHTML, CSS and Javascript. This detailed tutorial will walk you through coding an animated menu, using the same principals as Dragon Interactive. Furthermore, just 13 lines of javascript are required.

The ability to set and read cookies is a very useful feature of many programming languages. Fortunately, JavaScript has this functionality. Klaus Hartl released a cookie plugin last year for jQuery. What I particularly like about this plugin is the simple syntax - synonymous with jQuery. Traditionally, one would create […]

Ever wondered how to allow visitors to increase or decrease the text size (font size) on your website? I’m going to show you how - using jQuery (a great JavaScript library).

CSS Font Size
Firstly, we should consider the various methods of specifying a font size using CSS. 4 CSS attributes pertaining to font sizing come […]

FireFox displays an ugly dotted border around links (all linked elements in fact):

You can easily prevent FireFox from displaying this border by adding the following CSS style sheet, or within the <style> tags on your page:

a:active { outline: none; }
a:focus { -moz-outline-style: none; }

This should not prevent your CSS from validating according to W3C’s standards.