Our immensely powerful Fusion Framework is the engine that drives all of our CubeCart V5 themes.


Theme Configuration Panel

Change countless settings, customise colors, configure a slider, control sidebar widgets and so much more at the click of a button. No developer required!

Standardised Listings

Get access to complete product data in all of your product listings. Images, descriptions, stock information and much more are now all accessible by the Theme.

LESS Compiler

Write your stylesheets using LESS, which extends CSS with dynamic behavior such as variables, mixins, operations and functions. Fusion will compile it all for you.

Import and Export

Need to transfer settings across multiple stores or take backups? Fusion will let you easily import and export your theme’s configuration settings.

Quick Tweaks

You can now access all of CubeCart’s singleton instances directly from within the theme. Perfect for when you really don’t want to write a plugin.

Modular Design

Although Fusion includes a number of different configuration modules (such as textbox, color and single_switch), developers can easily add new modules.

XML Definitions

Fusion reads all the theme’s configuration definitions from a single XML file. Just tell Fusion what settings are available and they will magically appear in the Configuration Panel.


We won’t leave you guessing. Our comprehensive documentation will make working with Fusion a piece of cake. Support is always on hand to answer any question you might have.

White Label

You can replace any reference to ShopDev without any additional license purchase. Perfect for designers & developers who want to totally rebrand Fusion for their clients.