Sandbox is a powerful new CubeCart skin that delivers our complete set of core CubeCart enhancements in a supremely simple design. SandBox was designed from the ground up to be flexible and extensible. You’re looking at ShopDev’s flagship skin – the product of countless hours of planning, design, development, optimization and fine-tuning.

The Sandbox skin is beautifully simple – both in terms of design and code. Two major colour schemes are available: dark & light. Both colour schemes are included with your purchase. Download the free trial version today and see for yourself just how the SandBox skin can enhance your store.

This skin has been designed for use on a CubeCart V4 ecommerce website and can be installed on both new and existing stores quickly and easily. No complicated PHP modifications required… Just upload and go!


  • Beautifully Enhanced User Interface

    Each CubeCart skin we develop is beautifully presented with a clean layout and an attention to detail seldom seen. We really do set the bar when it comes to quality!

  • Easy To Install

    Our CubeCart skins are designed to be flexible by adapting to your store’s configuration. No more complicated code modifications or thumbnail resizing required.

  • Cross-browser Compatible

    We’ve tested our CubeCart skins in all the popular web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7 and even Internet Explorer 6! Future proofing is ensured through the use of web standards compliant code.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Improved and meaningful HTML markup reinforces your content, facilitating high search engine rankings.

  • Fast Page Loading

    Advanced optimization techniques, such as dynamic JavaScript minification & HTTP request reduction through file merging, results in a blazingly fast page load time.

  • AJAX Add To Cart

    Customers can now add items to their shopping cart without the unnecessary page refresh. As a result, you’ll save on bandwidth whilst your visitors benefit from your site’s increased responsiveness.

  • Intelligent Image Resizing

    Scale any image on demand. Forget manually resizing all of your images. The dynamic image scaling script does this automatically for you.

  • Sale Item Slideshow

    Put your sale items on center stage! The slideshow automatically fades between products marked on sale and makes a nice addition to your store-front.

  • Collapsible Side-Boxes

    Your sidebar can quickly become cluttered and look somewhat disorganized. The clever collapsible side-boxes allow your visitors to decide what is displayed in the sidebar.

  • Wide Range Of Typography Styles Included

    We’re not all experienced designers, but we all want our stores to look their best. The included typography makes it easy for you to maintain a beautifully clean CubeCart store.

  • Detailed Documentation Available

    Comprehensive documentation is available for all of the enhancements included in our CubeCart themes. We do everything possible to ensure that you can use and edit our CubeCart skins both easily and effectively.


Free Trial (7 Day):
Standard License:
Rebranding Addon:


Version Compatibility:
CubeCart V4
Initial Release:
Current Release:
Version 1.6