We have finally released our first CubeCart V5 theme after many months of extensive planning and development. Blueprint is the ultimate next generation CubeCart theme. Its rich feature set combined with thoughtful code and pristine design make it the perfect skin for just about every store. Live demo

Blueprint is different.

Blueprint has been purpose built to take full advantage of the new architecture and additional features incorporated into CubeCart V5. It is not a port of an older skin developed for CubeCart V4 or a modified version of the stock skins already included. Every single file has been carefully written from scratch to ensure a consistent quality that is unmatched by anything currently available.

Built on top of a powerful framework.

Blueprint is built right on top of our Fusion framework, enabling what was once impossible. Fusion gives you a Theme Configuration Panel which allows you to configure a wide array of settings at the click of a button – no developer required. You can change the number of products displayed per row, select a different layout for the homepage or other sections of the store, rearrange widgets, add a content slider, toggle a myriad of different features and so much more! Theme Configuration Panel

One theme supporting multiple devices.

With mobile browsing accounting for an ever increasing share of the market, you’ll want to accomodate a range of different devices across a bunch of platforms and browsers. Blueprint uses responsive layouts to adapt to the screen sizes your visitors’ devices. You won’t need to maintain multiple themes and your customers will appreciate the consistent design.

Microformats – you’re missing out!

Search engines are embracing microformats and you should too. Google uses microformats to display star ratings and other useful metadata along with the search listing. Importantly for you, they set your listing apart from all the other thus driving more visitors to your site. Blueprint is the only CubeCart theme that uses microformats in its template markup. Microformats

Progressive checkout.

Instead of overwhelming visitors with a confusing mess of fields to complete, Blueprint guides your customers step-by-step through the checkout page. Timesaving client-side field validation is performed at each step.


  1. Version 1.1 of the Fusion Framework plugin has now been released and can be downloaded through the Client Panel. This addresses an issue that caused a blank page to be displayed instead of the Theme Configuration Panel.

    Updating to Fusion V1.1 involves downloading, unarchiving and uploading the latest release to your /modules/plugins/ directory.

    By Homar on Reply
  2. Well I was working through my migration to OpenCart but I’m now going to be sticking with CC5 just so that I can use this skin. I haven’t found anything even remotely as good on any platform.

    I just have one quick question. Is it possible to extend some of the options in the control panel for my clients? Say that I wanted to add create an additional page layout. Could I add this to the list of layouts to select from?

    By Mathieu on Reply
    • Hello Mathieu,

      Sure. We built Fusion to be highly extensible. All of the options for the theme are defined in the /Fusion/config.xml file. You can simply declare your additional layout along with any regions and supported side-boxes in this file. Your clients will then be able to select this layout from the available list.

      To summarise, you don’t need to edit any of the PHP. Just add the appropriate XML tags to the config.xml file. If you need any help with this, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket and I’ll gladly provide additional assistance.

      Kind Regards,

      By Homar on Reply
  3. Hello Homar.

    I’m trying to load the demo but can’t see anything.

    Whole design sounds exciting, but wanted to see a demo

    By Deepak on Reply
    • Hello Deepak,

      Sorry, I was updating the demo to the latest CubeCart release. It’s back online now.

      By Homar on Reply
  4. Homar, you are truly one of the main reason I chose CubeCart, your design is simply DIVINE.

    The ONLY thing that stopped me last time from purchasing your skin was the Lack of Languages selection.

    I am so glad to see that you have finally managed that in this new skin.

    I will definitely buy this skin as soon as I work some things out on how to migrate my hundreds of thousands of customers of store DB from version 4 to version 5 (since i had a lot of mods added to my store).

    But again I am very glad this new skin came out AMAZING as we all expect from you.

    Warm regards,
    Arames T.

    By Arames on Reply
  5. Finally a skin from you, I’ll think about upgrading to cc5 now :D

    By Michael on Reply

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