Version 1.4 of the Blueprint theme is now available to download through the Client Panel. This latest release addresses the following issues:
  • Improved “Add to Cart” button vertical alignment on product listings.
  • Fixes incorrect saving percentage displayed in the featured product widget.
  • Fixes checkout progression issue where no shipping options are available.
  • Fixes “Invalid username/password” error message when using guest checkout.
  • Fixes missing “Delivery comments” field during checkout.
It is recommended that you update to this latest release if you have experienced any of the above issues. The following files were changed from Version 1.3:
  • /js/application.js
  • /templates/box.featured.php
  • /templates/content.checkout.confirm.php
  • /templates/element.basket.php
  • /templates/element.product_listing.php
If you have modified any of these template files it is recommended that you use a file comparison utility to assist in merging the changes.