I know that many of you have been waiting patiently for us to update the Catalyst skin for CubeCart V4.3.0 compatibility.  We’ve been working very hard recently on bringing the Neutrino framework to Catalyst V4.

What’s The Neutrino Framework?

To explain this, let me start by describing how the Catalyst skin currently works.  In order to add all the lovely features that makes our CubeCart skins special (e.g. AJAX Add To Cart), we needed to extend CubeCart’s core PHP code.  We did this by including a number of PHP modifications that you were required to install before using the skin.  There are some inherent disadvantages associated with this method.  Firstly, it requires you to spend time installing all the modifications.  Secondly, there may be compatibility issues with other modifications you have installed.  Finally, as many of you are aware, it’s extremely difficult and time consuming to update CubeCart to later releases.

The Neutrino framework is simply a better way of adding the features you all love.  Although PHP code is still used, it is separated into individual files.  These files are then executed or manimulated using AJAX requests.  This means that there is complete separation from CubeCart’s core PHP files.  It also means that you won’t have to edit a single line of CubeCart’s PHP code to install the skin.

When Is The Update Due To Be Released?

We will release the update shortly after our new site goes live.  Please read this post for more information.

Will I Need To Pay For The Update?

If you currently hold a single domain license for the Catalyst V4 skin, you can receive this update free of charge.

Will The Update Be Compatible With CubeCart V4.3.0?

Absolutely!  You can view the demonstration store, which is currently running CubeCart V4.3.0.

Will I Loose Any Features When I Update?

No.  Catalyst V4 Reloaded will include all the features you are currently enjoying.

Have You Made Any Improvements To The Skin?

We have tweaked the code a little.  Here’s what we’ve added thus far:

  • Dynamic "On Demand" JavaScript and CSS Compression
  • Vast Improvements to the AJAX Add To Cart code
  • Dynamic Image Scaling
  • Many small tweaks to the code

If I Update, Will I Loose Any Modifications I’ve Made To The Skin?

Unfortunately, you will loose all the modifications you’ve made to the skin.  You can of course reapply any modifications to the skin.

Any Questions or Comments?

Please post you questions or comments below.


  1. Just a quick note that we were made aware of 2 small bugs in the demo:

    The first being that SEO URLs were not being used in the sale item slideshow.

    The second being that users were unable to add items to the shopping cart (from the viewCat pages) when the product contains product options.

    These two bugs have now been fixed in the demo. Please do report any bugs that you find.

    By Homar on Reply
  2. Hi,

    Is there an update as to when this upgrade will be launching?



    By Adam on Reply
    • Hi Adam!

      Sorry about the delay getting back to you. I’m hoping to release the skin later today. You will need to first create a client panel account. Once you have done so, please open a support ticket including the Google Checkout order number for any purchases you have made. I’ll then be able to assign these orders to your account.

      Please note that the Help Desk will not be available until later today. I’ll make a new post in the News section when everything is good to go.

      By Homar on Reply
      • Great thanks I will await my account to be approved then i will log a ticket.

        By Adam on Reply
  3. Just a quick update. The Catalyst V4 Reloaded skin has now been released. It can be downloaded via the client panel. If you purchased the skin before our new site went live, please create a new account and open a support ticket containing all the Google Checkout order numbers that you would like assigned to your account.

    By Homar on Reply
    • Guys, Have to say that your product is AWESOME. Thanks for the copy from Catalyst. Much appreciated. I am looking forward to exploring the software, and for the mac and iPhone versions next year. Kudos on a great product! Truly cutting edge stuff.

      By Nery on Reply

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