A number of unpates to the CubeCart V4 software were released in quick succession last month. Versions 4.3.5, 4.3.6 and 4.3.7 included patches for security vulnerabilities. The CubeCart developers wisely included instructions for applying these security patches exclusive of the wider bug fixes. If you have not already updated your CubeCart store, please ensure that you have applied these security patches:
  • V4.3.7: Update to viewProd.inc.php
  • V4.3.6: Update to cc_admin_session.php
Our CubeCart V4 skins are not completely compatibe with versions V4.3.4 and V4.3.5 due to the way in which the ReCaptcha spambot detection was integrated. Fortunately, the CubeCart developers recognised this issue and CubeCart V4.3.6 and above are completely compatible with all of our CubeCart skins.

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