Here at ShopDev, we recognize that our success is largely owed to all of the designers and developers that have chosen our CubeCart skins as the foundation for their work. Today, I’m pleased to unveil plans to introduce reseller accounts. In this post, I’m going to discuss the benefits of becoming a reseller and the ways in which you will be able to operate as a reseller.


Why become a reseller?

If you’re a website designer / developer, you will have been purchasing licenses from us for use on your client’s website. With a reseller account, you would continue to purchase licenses as before. The only difference is that, with a reseller account, you will qualify for a discount over the standard license prices. You will also have greater flexibility over the licensing restrictions.

Instantly Edit Licensing Restrictions

Instantly Edit Licensing Restrictions

With a reseller account, you will be able to instantly change the domain that the license is tied to (without asking us to make this change for you). This means that you can seamlessly transfer a site from your local computer to the world wide web. We all loathe charge-backs and fraudulent transactions. With a reseller account, you can ease the pain by disabling the sites of non-paying customers at the click of a button.

White label developers

Typically freelance designers / developers who use our skins as a foundation for developing their client’s website. A reseller account will allow you to rebrand and resell / transfer modified versions of our CubeCart skins to your clients. The licenses will be held in your name (on behalf of your client). Your client need not know that we exist.

Transparent resellers

The perfect option for providers / distributers of CubeCart skins or CubeCart related products / services. As a reseller, you will need to take payment from your customers. A reseller account will allow you to create separate accounts for your customers and assign licenses to their accounts. ShopDev will provide support to your customers if required. Additionally, you can also provide support to your customers. The general procedure for reselling a license is as follows:

  • Take payment from your customer.
  • Create a Client Panel account for your customer (if they do not already have an account).
  • Purchase the appropriate license(s) from ShopDev.
  • Assign the license(s) to your customer’s account.


  1. This sounds really good. What kind of discount can I expect to receive with a reseller account? I would be a white label developer by the way.

    By Antonio on Reply
  2. Hi Antonio!

    We have not decided on this yet. We will probably introduce a sliding scale discount. This means that the percentage discount will increase as the number of purchased licenses increases.

    By Homar on Reply
  3. Hi Homar,

    I would be interested in this. Do you have any more details that you can send me? I would be operating as a white label developer. Also, would it be possible to transfer me existing licenses to the reseller account?


    By Mark Keswick on Reply
    • Hi Mark!

      We don’t have any more details to release at the current time. We will be able to transfer your existing licenses to your reseller account. However, licenses already purchased will not be eligible for the reseller discount. Only licenses purchased through a reseller account will be eligible. Nevertheless, you will still be able to assign those licenses to customers, edit licensing restrictions etc.

      By Homar on Reply
  4. This sounds very interesting and would definitely like more details when available. I have tried to register for an account but it wont accept my activation key – can you please email me as have some other things I would like to discuss with you


    By Havenswift Hosting on Reply
    • Hi Ian!

      This is very odd. I have been into the database and can’t find an account created recently that resembles you (by email or name). Could you please try and create a Client Panel account again: Create Account.

      Once you have created an account, you will be able to login to our Help Desk where you can open a support ticket.

      By Homar on Reply
  5. Hello and interesting system.
    I already bought two licenses and two other soon
    where and how can you register?

    thank you for your work

    By patrick on Reply
    • We are still working on finalizing a few details. An announcement will be made when everything is ready.

      By Homar on Reply

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