CubeCart V4.3.4 has today (September 22, 2009) been released. This latest release addresses a number of bugs in the previous version (CubeCart V4.3.3) and features:
  • 3D Secure for PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • Improved bulk export tool
  • Updated xTemplate library
  • Improvements to checkout without registration
  • Improved search (& removal of CC3 format fallback)
  • Improved session management
CubeCart V4.3.4 can be downloaded via CubeCart’s Customer Panel.

Should I update my store?

We would recommend that you update your store. There are a number of bug fixes contained within this latest release. In particular, you will want to upgrade if you use PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) and wish to accept Maestro cards after January 1, 2010. Also, if you offer discount coupons, older releases may allow fraudulent use of this feature. Finally, if you need to accept email addresses via product options (or any information likely to contain a pipe, “|”, or an @ symbol), you will want to update to this latest release. In addition to those bug fixes outlined above (and many others – esp. gateways and shipping modules), the additional features offered as part of the xTemplate library may be used by 3rd party developers (such as ourselves).

IMPORTANT: How can I update my installation?

We will be rolling out updates for all of our CubeCart V4 skins shortly. As this latest release includes some major changes, your existing ShopDev skin will likely be broken after updating. Please do not update your installation until an update is available for your skin. Updates will be announced via the on our website as usual.


  1. After working with V4.3.4 for a few hours, it has become apparent that there are a number of issues.

    1. A few files appear to be corrupted. In some cases, this preventing store administrators from logging in.

    2. SEF product URLs are not working when CubeCart is installed within a directory containing a capital letter (e.g. /Store/ rather than /store/)

    3. The custom reCaptcha theme included is printed from a PHP file. Whilst this is not really a “bug”, it’s just plain bad!

    4. reCaptcha is broken when not using the “custom” theme.

    These are the issues I have come across thus far. There may very well be a few more. I will be waiting for resolutions to issues 1, 2 & 4 before releasing skin updates.

    By Homar on Reply
  2. I guess that I should have read this before upgrading :P

    By Miguel on Reply
  3. Hey Homar, give me a shout via email or phone and I’ll go over these with you. I believe that only 2 may be an issue but I need to talk/email it over with you.

    By Al on Reply
  4. Hey Homar,

    I dont know whether its an I.E bug or CC 4.3.4, but the add to cart function within sandbox skin does not appear to be working now.



    By Andy on Reply
  5. Hi Andy,

    We are waiting for a resolution on the issues outlined in the 1st comment before an update is released. Currently, all our CubeCart V4 skins are incompatible with CubeCart V4.3.4.

    Kind Regards,

    By Homar on Reply
  6. restoring jslibrary.js to 4.3.3 version, fixes Sandbox_light in 4.3.4 everything works again… it’s a temporary solution.

    By Lastwolf on Reply
    • This is not the only thing broken since the 4.3.4 release. The AJAX Add To Cart is also broken for products with “product options”.

      By Homar on Reply
  7. Just to update you all…

    The ReCaptcha issue has not yet been fixed by the CubeCart developers. You can see this here:

    Needless to say that it is disappointing that the developers appear unwilling to fix this. Note that this is a “stock” CubeCart V4.3.4 installation. The only change made was to choose the “white” ReCaptcha theme (instead of the “custom” theme).

    It is not possible to use the “custom” theme since the themes’s HTML is coded inside of CubeCart’s core PHP files (violating the logic-display separation ethos employed by CubeCart).

    We hope to roll-out releases for all our skins within the next 2 weeks. The Sandbox skin will be the 1st to be updated (hopefully tomorrow). These latest releases will not support ReCaptcha. Instead, you will need to use CubeCart’s own spambot protection.

    By Homar on Reply
  8. Thanks Homar,

    It’s a bit rubbish

    By Lastwolf on Reply
    • I should say that I was expecting the AJAX Add To Cart feature to break in 4.3.4. This is because the developers (rightly) changed some code in order to allow users to input @ and | (at and pipe) symbols for product options.

      I have now updated the AJAX Add To Cart module for the latest release. The Sandbox skin should be released later today (along with manual update instructions).

      I just wish that they’d fix the ReCaptcha!

      By Homar on Reply
  9. Hey Homar, if you are not happy with the way the recaptcha is implemented please talk with us and we will change it. We want to help.

    By Al on Reply
    • @Al – Reading over my responses on, I may have come across a little aggressively. It was certainly not my intention. I’m usually very calm and easy-going :)

      For 4.3.6, I’d really like to see the following:

      1. ReCaptcha theme’s HTML contained completely within its own template file (as part of each skin).

      – and if possible –

      2. Pagination HTML completely contained within the template files. I.e. no non-line-breaking spaces (or any kind of HTML) printed from PHP. Just make the necessary template tags available (e.g. {LINK}, {CLASS}, {NUMBER} inside of a looping/iterating section).

      – {LINK} : The address of the page
      – {CLASS} : Should print “active” (or similar) if the current page is being viewed.
      – {NUMBER} : The page number

      3. Move the credit card form (module) template file to within the skins.

      By Homar on Reply
  10. Hey Homar i dont want to sound silly but you would do more good by contacting cubecart also

    so that you can use your talents and their talents together to do some good here

    Your work is top notch and i am sure if you worked with them you could both produce an all round better product

    Hope you understand i am a buyer of both your products and i am disappointed with both parties as now i know both my products may have bugs please speak with cubecart and together work to fix this problem i know its more time out of your day but seriously please talk with them and together sort it out please mate

    By Sunny a Cube cart User and a shop dev user on Reply
    • Sunny, our hand are pretty much tied. Until the ReCaptcha issue has been resolved, it is not viable for us to push any new releases. We are not aware of any major bugs in any of our skins.

      By Homar on Reply
  11. Just a quick update. CubeCart V4.3.6 was released today. The change log suggests that this latest version of CubeCart has fixed the ReCaptcha issue.

    We plan to release updates for the Sandbox, Neutrino and Catalyst skins over the weekend.

    By Homar on Reply
  12. Nice to see this issue is ressolved so regarding my catalyst skin do i need to update it ?

    By Sunny a Cube cart User and a shop dev user on Reply

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