Devellion are preparing to release a minor update to CubeCart V4 within the next few days. The release is said to patch minor bugs present within the current V4.3.0 release. We will ensure compatibility with our CubeCart V4 skins. Although it’s unlikely that any changes will be required to ensure compatibility with our skins, please allow us to fully test the release before updating.

What about any modifications?

If you have made any PHP modifications, these changes will be lost when you update CubeCart. We recommend that you seek advice from all your modification providers before updating to the latest release.

Do I need to update?

If you are happy with the current state of your online store, and have not experienced any bugs in the software, there is really no need to update to the latest release. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from doing so. Please ensure that you take a backup before updating.

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