On the verge of a public beta, my predictions for the coming major version are as follows:
  • Improved administration panel interface
  • Action Hooks: Easy Plug-In installation
  • Scriptaculous replaced with jQuery library
  • Skin configuration files
  • Traditional SpamBot replaced with ReCpatcha /w customizable theme
  • Importers for transferring from CC4 and possibly other shopping carts (e.g. Magento)
  • FCKeditor replaced with something less irritating (possibly TinyMCE or CKEditor)
  • Utilization of AJAX
  • Improved caching
  • Support for multiple databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc.)
  • Improved search engine friendly URLs
  • Continuation of the dreaded xTemplate library
  • Dynamic image scaling
  • Improved postage/shipping
  • Support for all the gateways present in CC4 (and possibly one or two more)
  • Customer sign in with OpenID
  • Product image zooming and lightbox support
  • Product options with stock levels
  • Customizable pagination links – finally!
  • Product reviews on the same page as the product – no duplicate content penalties
It should be said that some of these predictions are based on comments by the developers. I’m also hesitant to say that the stock skins may not support IE6.

ShopDev Upgrade Policy

We provide updates free of charge across a major release (i.e. V4.x – V4.y). There will be an upgrade license fee between major releases (i.e. V4.x – V5.y). Please note that we will not release any CC5 skins until we deem the software to be as stable as reasonably possible. This does not mean that you’ll have to wait until CC5 is production ready.


  1. Well… you are right on some of these. You’ll find out more later.

    Some won’t be available until 5.1.

    By Al on Reply
  2. Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on Cubecart 5 – I think the functionality of version 4 is great but the user experience could be better and takes a lot of customisation to achieve modern ecommerce standards… your skins go a long way to address that though :)

    I notice that the skin you had in development seems to have disappeared… does this mean you are revising it for CC5?

    Keep up the excellent work!

    By Matt on Reply
    • Hi Matt!

      CC5 (beta) has now been released. I skimmed through some of the front end of the demo store. I’m planning on trying it out and diving into the code this weekend, at which time I’ll post my thoughts.

      I have stopped work on the SuperNovae skin and am undecided whether I’ll release it for CC5. Hopefully, I can design something around the new features that is more tightly integrated.

      By Homar on Reply
  3. Well done homar, you got some of these right.

    I look forward to seeing your new creations that work with CC5.

    I’m gonna keep checking up on your site.


    By Deepak on Reply
  4. Hi,
    I was wondering if you will update your catalyst skin for V5?

    I use if on one of my sites and would like to use V5 when it comes out =)

    By Pete on Reply
    • Hi Pete,

      Sorry for the late response – just saw your comment. We currently don’t have any plans to update the Catalyst skin for V5. Instead, we’re planning on releasing some new skins which will take full advantage of V5′s new template structure, plug-in/modular system and additional features.

      By Homar on Reply
  5. CC5 is taking a long time to develop. Beta 5 has been the latest release for MONTHS. Anyone know why develoment has stalled?

    By Joey on Reply
    • Development does seem to have stalled somewhat over the last month or so. There certainly is a large backlog in the CubeCart bug tracker. Though I can’t really comment since I’m not a developer for Devellion.

      By Homar on Reply

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