Internet Explorer 8 has now been released. We have already run our CubeCart V4 skins through the new browser. Although everything seems to be in working order, we will be doing thorough testing later this month. During the early beta releases, some of our clients raised concerns over the AJAX Add To Cart feature, which seemed to be broken in IE8. It seems as though Microsoft have now rectified the problem.

Will you be supporting IE8 in all your skins?

Yes. We will support IE8 in all our skins. We will also continue to support IE7 and all major modern browsers. This includes FireFox 3 and the recently released Safari 4.

Will you continue to support IE6?

We are currently undecided about whether to continue to support IE6. Now that IE8 has been released, the situation is compatible to when IE7 was released with regards to IE5. Supporting IE6 can often add significantly to the development time. Furthermore, the extra code required to ensure compatibility with IE6 can slow down your site for users of modern web browsers. If we do decide to phase out support for IE6 later this year, it will be for new skins only. I.e. we will continue to support IE6 in our existing CubeCart skins.

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