On July 12 we released updates for all our CubeCart V4 skins. Unfortunately, as some of you are aware, there was a bug in the compression script that prevents the skin from loading the CSS and JavaScript. This issue only affected servers with PHP configured to output warning error messages. The latest updates (released today) resolve this issue.

We strongly recommend that you update to this latest release. Don’t worry… you shouldn’t loose any changes you’ve made to the skin if you follow the manual update instructions below.

Manual Update

Login to the Client Panel and download the latest version of your purchased skin(s). The latest versions available are:

  • Sandbox Original V1.3
  • Sandbox Light V1.3
  • Neutrino V1.2.3
  • Catalyst Reloaded V1.2
You should now extract the downloaded archive to a safe location on your computer. Insert your license key into the /php/license_key.php file (see installation instructions for further information). Finally, upload the entire /php/ directory to your server.