From Wednesday through Thursday, our server experienced some instability and was taken offline for a short time. We hope that this has now been resolved. During this time, some free trial licenses may not have functioned correctly. If you are still experiencing errors, or the skin is not being displayed, please try deleting the local key file (instructions provided below). If your free trial was in any way affected by the down time, please open a support ticket through the Help Desk. We will then extend your trial period for a further week. Full “single usage license” versions should not have been affected. If you operate a single usage license and did experience some downtime, please ensure that you performed a full upgrade when changing from a free trial version. Our ordering system was also hit, with one file becoming corrupted in the process. This has now been recovered and all parts of the website (incl. ordering system and skin demos) are now online.

Deleting the local license key file

If you are operating a free trial license and experience an “unable to communicate with licensing server” error message, please delete the following file on your server:
  • /includes/extra/shopdev_local_key.php
This file will be regenerated automatically shortly after. You do not need to delete it again.