For some time now, we’ve been working on the Sandbox skin for CubeCart V4. When we set out to develop this skin, we were aiming for something that would be beautifully simple – both in terms of design and code. Over the last few days, I’ve been looking through the code as the finishing touches were made. Here’s a run-down of what we’ve accomplished:
  • Clean, coherent, readable, lightweight code
  • DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) approach
  • Single core stylesheet – no conditional comments
  • Enhanced JavaScript performance
  • Very few images
  • Sensible typography
  • ShopDev’s proven checkout layout
This really is looking very promising. Whilst we’ve been using light code, we haven’t forgot about the features you all love! The Sandbox skin uses our Dynamic Image Scaling script. The Popular Products listinging are now accompanied with images. Our intelligent collapsible side boxes and AJAX Add To Cart features are, of course, included as standard. Finally, as you would expect, the skin can be installed without touching a single line of PHP. We have made one minor improvement to the AJAX Add To Cart code. Typically, if the sever fails to respond to an AJAX request within a timeout period, the request is repeated. The Sandbox skin now monitors failed “Add To Cart” requests and reverts back to the JavaScript form submission method after a specified number of failures. This should ensure that users on very slow connections don’t keep having their requests timeout. You asked for the Sale Item Slideshow, we’re going to deliver. Yes, the Sale Items slideshow is now incorporated into the skin. We have it disabled in the demo. However, you’ll only need to modify a single JavaScript variable to enable this feature. Instructions to do this will of couse be provided. This is really the last opportunity to propose any final alterations, feature inclusion etc. After we have run the skin through a number of different browsers, it will be released. As always, there will be a very limited introductory offer (for the 1st 5 licenses purchased only). Be sure to register for our newsletter and visit ShopDev frequently. They always go very quickly!


  1. Good News! I have now made a small modification to the category navigation (in the sidebar). The fly-out menus now have the parent category as a header. This adds to the structure and should make navigating the menus a little more intuitive.

    Furthermore, I have now run the skin through the W3C validator and fully tested the skin in the following browsers:

    • FireFox 3
    • FireFox 2
    • Internet Explorer 8
    • Internet Explorer 7
    • Internet Explorer 6

    I will also be testing the Sandbox skin in the latest version of the Safari, Opera & Google Chrome browsers.

    By Homar on Reply
  2. Just another quick update… I am working on a “light” version of the Sandbox skin. This will have a light gray background (similar to the background on and a dark top navigation bar – for some nice contrast.

    It’s very easy to change the skin’s colours, but if there is a demand, we will modify the skin with the most popular colour requests. So… send us your requests either via a support ticket or comment below.

    By Homar on Reply
  3. I had a look at your sandbox design a few days ago, and was really impressed! But, now im blown away, I love the contrast of the new ‘light” version. The contrast and look of the skin looks really good!

    Only thing to improve for me is to add an effect when you move the mouse over the top menu (just like all your other skins!)

    When is this going to be completed then?

    Look forward to the update.

    By Deepak on Reply
    • Thanks Deepak,

      I hope to release this skin within the next 2-3 weeks. There is a very faint (subtle) effect when hovering over the nop navigation menu. It may be barely visible depending on your monitor. I didn’t want to go over the top since this would affect the readability of the navigation.

      The skin is really very simple. It certainly wouldn’t take long to change / add to this effect – which is the beauty of this skin. In fact, to produce the “light” version of this skin from the original “dark” version took around 15 minutes (inc. testing).

      By Homar on Reply
      • Is the sandbox design complete yet or antg idea when it will be released

        By Jsdmins on Reply
  4. Hello Homar.

    I was just going to ask you the same thing.. do you have a launch date yet? any ideas?

    By Deepak on Reply
  5. Sorry about the delay. I’ve been exceedingly busy over the past 3 weeks. I am also busy over the coming week. As a result, the release has been delayed. I should say the the skin is essentially finished. I hope to release the skin on (or very shortly after) the Monday the 25th, May. There will be no more delays! You have my promise!

    Be sure to visit ShopDev frequently around the 25th for a chance to grab a discounted license. You may also want to subscribe to our newsletter (if you have not done so already).

    Once again… I’m really sorry about the delay. I appreciate that many of you have been waiting months for this skin. When you finally do get your hands on it, I’m pretty sure you’ll be exceedingly pleased.

    By Homar on Reply
  6. Just a quick update… The logo for the Sandbox Light skin has been tweaked slightly. More importantly, some major improvements have been made to the AJAX Add To Cart mechanism. A single AJAX request is now made in order to add an item to the shopping cart (rather than multiple requests as was the case before). The result is a much more reliable mechanism with a faster response rate and a reduced load on your server.

    By Homar on Reply
  7. The Sandbox skin is now 100% complete. We will not be selling the colour variants separately. With your purchase of the skin, you will receive all available colour variants. For the time being, this includes the standard (dark) colour and the “Light” variant. We intend to develop a few more colour schemes. These will be made available to all Single Usage License holders.

    A standard Single Usage License will cost £44.99. However, we will be offering the skin at £34.99 to the 1st 5 customers only. The 1st 5 customers will also receive a free Rebranding License (worth £30.00). We have seen an enormous amount of interest in this skin. Believe me when I say that these 5 licenses will go fast!

    As promised, the skin will be released on May 25, 2009 GMT (that’s tomorrow). However, I cannot specify an exact time. If you have not subscribed to our newsletter yet, now would be a great time. Thank you to all that have waited more than patiently for this skin to be released.

    By Homar on Reply

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