For some time now, we have been secretly working on the new ShopDev website.  Although we haven’t finished everything just yet, it is coming together nicely.  In this post, I’m going to detail some of the changes we’ll shortly be making.

  • Completely new website design
  • Integration of the "Latest News" blog into our main website
  • A brand new ordering system
  • A brand new client panel (integrated into our ordering system)
  • A fully-fledged Help Desk (integrated into our ordering system)
  • Credit and debit card acceptance (no Google Checkout account required)

A Completely New Website Design

For those who have been following us closely, you will know that we regularly redesign our own site.  I’m happy to say that the new design will be here to stay – for some time anyway.  The new design will tie together our new ordering system, latest news blog and help desk.  We believe that the new site will be much easier to use than the current one.

Our Latest News Blog

Currently, our latest news section resides within our Website Design blog.  We will be moving all the latest news articles to our core site.  Hence, there will be a consistent design across our entire site.  We’ll be posing news pertaining to our skins, latest releases and CubeCart announcements.  This will be a excellent resource for any CubeCart store owner.

A New Ordering, Client Panel and Licensing System

The Client Panel was introduced some time ago now.  The uptake has been fantastic.  However, from the feedback we’ve received, we understand that you want it integrated into our main site.  The new client panel is an enormous improvement over the existing one.  Everything seamlessly works together.  You’ll be able to access all your downloads and license keys from a single central location.

Our existing licensing system is crude, at best.  Inevitably, this has led to piracy, consuming a great amount of our time.  Ideally, we would rather not have a licensing system.  However, if we’re going to keep our CubeCart skins affordable, we need to protect ourselves from those devious people who illegally share our hard work.

We will be encoding a few PHP files used by our skins with IonCube.  Currently, we apply a weak obfuscation technique to those PHP files that include our licensing mechanism.  The vast majority of hosting providers support IonCube.  If you’re not sure whether your host supports IonCube encoded files, you can check by dropping them a quick email.

Similar to how CubeCart’s licensing system works, our skins will "call home" every 14 days.  We understand that some of you will be concerned after the initial problems with CubeCart’s own licensing system.  We have been working hard to ensure that this does not happen.  Furthermore, after 30 days have passed since your purchase, you can request a permanent license file.  A permanent license file will no longer call home.  We’ll post more information shortly.

We’ll be offering limited time free trials for all our skins.

A Fully-Fledged Help Desk

In order to improve efficiency, we’ll be introducing a Help Desk.  You’ll be able to login to the help desk, ordering system and client panel with the same username and password.

Credit and Debit Card Acceptance

You’ll be able to purchase our skins without a Google Checkout account.  This is great news for those that reside in countries where Google Checkout is not available.

Any Questions?

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment below.


  1. Wow…. You have been busy! Cant wait to see the new design!

    By Adam on Reply
  2. ShopDev V5 is now live!

    By Homar on Reply

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