It is with great regret that I am announcing the end of support for all of ShopDev’s CubeCart themes and plugins. I no longer have the time to manage the day-to-day running of the business and, as such, ShopDev will cease trading.

What will happen to my CubeCart V5 theme?

A final official update to the Fusion plugin is now available to download through the Client Panel. These updates will completely remove the license verification and validation process, allowing your Fusion-powered theme to continue functioning without “calling home”. Full source-code is available and I am releasing this update under the GPL-3.0 open-source software license. I will continue running the Client Panel until April 1, 2015.

What happens after April 1, 2015?

If you have not updated the Fusion plugin by this time then the theme may cease to function. If you have customised one of our themes then you do not need to worry about updating the theme itself. You need only update the Fusion plugin.

Can I use one of your themes with CubeCart V6

Having had a brief look through CubeCart V6′s source code it would seem that there have not been any major architectural changes. It might be possible add compatibility for this latest version by making only minor changes to the theme and Fusion plugin.

Where can I download the latest update?

Existing customers can download Fusion 2.4 from the Client Panel right away. As explained above, this latest release removes the license verification and validation process. The full source code is also available on GitHub.

Theme licensing

There are no plans to release the Vector and Blueprint themes under an open-source license. It is no longer possible to purchase these themes through the ShopDev website. Whilst the Fusion plugin has been released under an open-source license, this does not affect the licensing of our themes from a legal perspective. Naturally, existing customers whom have already purchased a license may continue to use their licensed themes legally. Anyone interested in taking over development and ownership of these themes may contact me.

What will happen to my CubeCart V4 theme?

The Sandbox and Catalyst themes are now available under the GPL-3.0 open-source software license. The latest release removes license validation and verification from a number of PHP files. You will need to update these PHP files by April 1, 2015 in order for the theme to continue functioning. In particular, you will need to upload the /php/ directory from the latest release to your server (overwriting the old directory). You can download the final releases of these themes through GitHub.