DNA Themer We are today making public a prerelease of the Visual Editor tool, which forms part of the theme editing suite. It’s a complete CubeCart V5 plugin, though two small alterations are required for installation at this time. Download Alpha 0.1


What does it do?

The Visual Editor provides an intuitive interface for altering any CSS property. You’ll no longer need to look-up any selectors. The inspector reads all the CSS properties applied to the selected element in realtime. Then, at the stroke of a key, you can alter these properties and receive instant gratification through the preview window.


What’s the installation procedure?

Step 1: Download the zipped plugin and extract the DNA_Themer folder to your computer. Step 2: Upload the DNA_Themer folder to the following directory on your server: /modules/plugins/ Step 3: Login to the administration panel and select “Plugins” from the left-hand navigation menu. Step 4: Click the “DNA Themer” icon and ensure that the plugin is enabled. The status icon should show a tick. Enter any series of numbers into the license key field provided and hit the “Save” button. A “DNA Themer” link should now be shown in the left-hand navigation menu (under “Advanced”). If you do not see this link, please clear CubeCart’s cache using the option under “Maintenance”. Step 5: OPEN: /js/common.js FIND:
/* Break out of iframe - mainly used for iFrame payment gateways to stop confirmed page showing within CC */
if (top.location.href!=self.location.href) {
	top.location = self.location.href;
/* Break out of iframe - mainly used for iFrame payment gateways to stop confirmed page showing within CC */
/* if (top.location.href!=self.location.href) {
	top.location = self.location.href;
} */
Step 6: FOR EACH SKIN, OPEN: /skins/{SKIN_NAME}/templates/main.php BEFORE THE <head> TAG, INSERT:
{if isset($DNA_THEMER)}{$DNA_THEMER}{/if}


We need your feedback!

Did you find any bugs? Is it too difficult to use? Do you have any suggestions? Please do let us know! You can post any general feedback in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can open a support ticket via the Client Panel. If you would like to report any issues or have a feature request, please use the bug tracker.


  1. Not showing up in the admin panel even after I clear cache.

    By Mik on Reply
    • Hello Mik,

      Could you please tell me which exact release of CubeCart you are using (e.g. RC1, RC2, 5.0.0 or other)?

      By Homar on Reply
  2. Starts OK in Opera but not FireFox. I don’t use IE so I can’t give you any info there.

    In FIreFox, after initially opening, the site view window opens to full hiding the controls.

    In Opera, the windows stay split but the controls do not work at all.

    Seems to be a JS related issue where selecting an element is not allowed by the script.

    By Ray on Reply
    • Thanks Ray, I’ll look into this. Could you tell me which version of FireFox you are using?

      By Homar on Reply
  3. Hi, just setting up trial of Cubecart 5 and interested in Visual Theme Editor…
    Same problem as mik, not showing up in admin even after clearing cache.
    Working on mac in latest firefox and latest camino etc.

    By Lynne on Reply
  4. Everything works like it should up until the point when I try to access it from the advanced tab…I receive the following:

    “This release has expired!”

    I noticed you said you were going to put out a new release…has that happened yet?


    By Kevin Sullivan on Reply
  5. Have loaded everything as per instructions and cleared cache.
    Plugin shows up under advanced but when this link is clicked I get a “This release has expired” message.
    When is the fix for this coming?

    By PoolPartsOnline on Reply

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