Over the past few weeks, we have been busy redesigning ShopDev and improving the Client Panel. Early this morning, the new site went live. There are quite a number of changes to go through, so let’s get started…

Improved Licensing

We have made significant improvements to our licensing system. First and foremost, skins running Standard Licenses should continue to function indefinitely should our website go offline for whatever reason. We did previously build in some level of contingency, but this did not account for domain issues on our end. The new licensing code built into our new skin releases (more on this later) now scrutinizes the response it receives from our server. If the response from our licensing server is not known, it is discarded and the skin will continue the function indefinitely.

License Reissue

You can now reissue any of your licenses at any time. This allows you to use the skin on a completely different domain than where it was previously installed. You no longer need to ask us to update your license. License reissue requests are immediate and performed at the click of a button through the new Client Panel.

Authorize Additional Domains

You may now authorize up to 10 addon domains on a single Standard License. This is useful if you want your store to be accessible through a number of different domain names. If you’re using a shared SSL certificate, you should now be able to authorize the secure domain. The only requirement is that the addon domain points to the same CubeCart store as your primary domain (as per our licensing agreement). Domain authorizations can be made through the Client Panel. If your licenses have been migrated from our old Client Panel, you may find that you are unable to authorize additional domains initially. If this is the case, you will need to reissue your license and visit your store in your browser (having updated the skin by following the instructions at the end of this post). You should then be able to authorize additional domains.

New Help Desk

The Help Desk is now completely integrated into the Client Panel. You can open technical, sales and pre-sales support tickets as before.

Instant Order Processing

Orders are now processed immediately pending an automated transaction fraud review.

Skin Updates & Accessing the Client Panel

We have released updates for all of our CubeCart V4 skins. The new releases use our new licensing and can be downloaded through the new Client Panel. We have migrated all the existing Standard license orders made through our old Client Panel. To login to the new Client Panel, you will need to reset your password. If you find that any of your standard licenses have not been carried over, please open a support ticket so that we may manually add them to your account. Unfortunately, we were unable to migrate over any Rebranding Licenses. If you have purchased any rebranding licenses, please open a support ticket so that we may manually add them to your account.

Updating Your Skin

We highly recommend that you update your skin to the latest release. You should not loose any changes made to the skin if you follow the procedure described below: Download: the latest version of your purchased skins through http://my.shopdev.co.uk Extract: the skin directory from the downloaded .zip archive Upload: the /php/ directory from within the extracted skin to your server (overwriting the old /php/ directory) Find: your new license key by logging into the new Client Panel and selecting “My Licenses” from the navigation at the top of the screen Insert: your new license key into the designated area in the skins/SKIN_NAME/php/license_key.php file on your server


  1. Thank you, so I need it for work.

    By ParituS on Reply
    • Hello Paritus,

      Whilst you can still use the older versions of our themes, we highly recommend that you update to the latest release. This will allow you to benefit from the improved licensing that was introduced with the new Client Panel.

      Kind Regards,

      By Homar on Reply

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